ACDelco Light Bulb Sockets 88860432

ACDelco Light Bulb Sockets 88860432

Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding COVID, some of the remedies identified in recall press releases may not be available at this time. Consumers should check with recalling firms for further details. It is important to remember that CPSC and recalling firms urge consumers not to use recalled products. The lamp socket screw does not fasten tightly which can result in arcing or overheating, posing a fire hazard. CT Monday through Friday, email at marcia bplampsupply. This recall involves Golo brand 3-way turn knob lamp sockets with part number GE The lamp sockets are brown. Golo, GE and V W are stamped on the top of the sockets near the wire terminals. This socket interior is a medium E26 size lamp socket. Consumers should stop using the recalled lamp sockets, disconnect them and return them to the store where purchased for a full refund or a replacement 3-way lamp socket.

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Skip to main content T10 Bulb Sockets. In Stock. Part came in before promised date. Bought the plug to replace the on for my fog light on my ram As you can see in the picture the original plug had a broken wire and the plug also shorted and melted. New plug did the job well and I got my fog light back..

Name Default Date Adapters and Extensions, Incandescent, Glazed Porcelain Lampholder, /4 Inch, To Be Used in Porcelain Sockets Only – White. Select.

Plugs and sockets for portable appliances started becoming available in the s. A proliferation of types developed to address the issues of convenience and protection from electric shock. Today there are approximately 20 types in common use around the world see AC power plugs and sockets , and many obsolete socket types are still found in older buildings. When electricity was first introduced into houses in the s, it was primarily used for lighting. One common approach for other appliances such as vacuum cleaners, electric fans, smoothing irons and curling tong heaters was to connect to light bulb sockets using lampholder plugs.

As electricity became a common method of operating labour-saving appliances, a safe means of connection to the electric system other than using a light socket was needed. Thomas Tayler Smith of London, England received British patent in for an “Electric-Circuit Connection” to “enable the electric conductors conveying the current to one or more lamps, or along a flexible cord, to be rapidly and safely brought into connection with the line or main wires”.

Smith subsequently received US patent , [2] for the same device in Smith in No. Hookham in , No.

B & P Lamp Supply Recalls Lamp Sockets Due to Fire Hazard

COQ, or 2 f. A primary object of the invention isto provide a simple andpracticalv construction including relatively few partsthereby not only effecting economies in manufacture and asf sembly, but also enabling the parts to’be made in such a way that they’last longer Vin service and fully meet the underwriters. A further obj ect ofthe invention is to providey a novel switch contact spring whichv serves not only as the center plug contactof the socket but also assists’in holding the operating or actuating means forthe spring in With the above and otherobjects in view which will more readily appear “as the ynature of the invent-ion is better understood, the same consists lin the ,novel construction, combination andarrangement’of parts hereinafter more fully described, illustrated and claimed.

Figure 7 is a detail perspective view of the comhinedconta’ct spring and center kplug contact. Figure 8 is a detail sectional View of a modified form of spring and center plug contact construction’.

in the design of light sockets. An understanding of what these changes were and when they occurred provides a valuable tool for dating early electric lamps.

Application January 15, , Serial No. This invention relates to terminal screw caps and sockets for electric light bulbs, socket plugs, fuse plugs and the like. Screw caps for light bulbs or plugs and the sockets for the same, now in common use, are provided with shallow rounded threads of four or five or more turns that are loose fitting until completely engaged and require rotation through an objectionable number of revolutions before such complete engagement is effected. Unless given a final hard turn, to frictionally bind the threaded bulb cap in the socket, poor electrical contact will result from the insecure connection, causing the light to vary more or it less and if subjected to vibration, as frequently happens, the connection will be further loosened until the circuit is completely broken and the light extinguished.

As no mechanical aid is provided to bring the members into centered relation, the operation proves difficult, annoying and a severe trial to the patience of the great majority of people who have very little if any mechanical skill or ability. The accompanying drawings will serve to illustrate a construction suitable for carrying the invention into effect but I do not wish to be understood as intending to limit myself to the formed and if non-conducting, provided with requisite metal contacts, as will be obvious.

In the drawings- Fig. Referring to the drawings, I indicates an electric light bulb and 2 a socket. The bulb and socket will be recognized as well known types now in common use and need not, therefore, be described in detail. The main departure from the art is in the form of the means employed to separably connect the bulb and socket. To meet practical requirements, the connection must be such as to provide 25 safe and secure support for the bulb, which is ordinarily positioned in pendant relation to the socket and also to insure maintenance of good electrical contact in the circuit connections for the supply of current to the lamp.

Counterpart screw threads 3 and 4 are employed for the connection and as formed, not only meet the above requirements, but go further, to great advantage in enabling the cooperating threads to be instantly brought into en- 5 gaging relation without hesitation, uncertainty or the possibility of failure, ready to be secured in interlocked engagement by relative rotation through approximately half a revolution.

The terminal metal cap 5, cemented or otherwise secured to the bulb, serves as one threaded member of the connection and the other, its counterpart 6, is positioned and fixed in the open end of the socket, as illustrated in Fig. In general outline, the threaded members 5 and 6, are of frustro-conical form, being tapered and terminating in blunt ends 1 and 8 and thus formed, the male member 5 is freely enterable into the counterpart 6′, in nested relation, to almost its full length, before being rotated to bring about engagement of the threads.

T10 Bulb Sockets

Altman Lighting continually engages in research related to product improvement. New materials, production methods and design refinements are introduced into existing products without notice as a routine expression of the philosophy. For this reason any current Altman Lighting product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal or exceed the original design specifications unless otherwise noted.

I work in Maintenance in a private school that includes 2-bulb 4-foot classroom florescent fixtures ( sockets) and I am currently replacing several hundred.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Structured data.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Your lamp socket is supposed to be long-lasting, solid, rust-free, and safe. Light and lamp sockets should be one of the hardiest parts of your lamps or lights, but damage can happen.

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Patente d Apr. A demand exists for means for applying ing of the shade. This tapered formation of holders of ordinary type cannot be used, the ‘coil thus adapts my shade holder to’a 5 and my object is to provide a shade-holder large range of different sockets and husks. For this purpose the larger 10’ ets and lamps. I end of the coil is secured by soldering or I attain my object by means of the con otherwise to ,a metal ring 7, which ring is structions hereinafter-described and illusprovided with clips, whereby itmay be setrated in the accompanying drawings in cured within the rim of the upper opening which I j of the shade.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for? Search by wattage or brightness. We believe you deserve exceptional lighting in your home. Because when a light bulb is designed to be in your home for decades, better light is worth it. EISA does not ban incandescent light bulbs, but its minimum efficiency standards are high enough that the incandescent lamps most commonly used by consumers today will not meet the new requirements.

Once implemented, the Act will essentially eliminate 40W, 60W, 75W, and W medium screw-base incandescent light bulbs. The light bulb that produces the greatest number of lumens per one watt of energy is the most efficient bulb. The effective date for each phase listed above indicates the first date that non-compliant products are prohibited from being manufactured or imported into the United States. California will implement the standards one year before the rest of the country.

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Others include lamp sockets and crystal mugs. They were sold in silver and black. The manufacturing date codes can be found on the bottom of the laptop.

Lamp holders, porcelain sockets, Bakelitfassungen, plastic frames, metal frames, etc. Lampholders. date descending Lamp holder E27 cylindrical brass.

Thermoplastic socket E27 black. Thermoplastic socket E27 glossy black, bevelled. The holes for Metal socket, external thread E27 brass. Metal socket E27 with threaded jacket, earth clamp, metal nipple M Metal socket, external thread E27 chrome. Lamp holder E27 cylindrical brass. Lamp holder E27 brass plated with metal housing, cylindrical shape Lamp holder E27 satin bronze. Metal lamp holder, outside smooth, model “peak”, with strain relief, Lamp holder E27 Satin pearl black.

Lamp holder E27 satin copper. Metal lamp socket, outside smooth, model “peak”, with strain relief, Lamp holder E27 satin matt black.


The years between to witnessed a rapid growth in the use of electric light and with it significant improvements in the design of light sockets. An understanding of what these changes were and when they occurred provides a valuable tool for dating early electric lamps. This discussion will gloss over internal modifications and focus on the external appearance, as this aspect is the most useful for on-the-spot assessments.

Although Edison invented the first functional electric light bulb in , more than 20 years would pass before his revolutionary device was practical enough to be embraced by the mass consuming public. In fact, early electrical systems were exorbitantly expensive to install and to maintain, as well as subject to frustrating service interruptions and frightening power surges.

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Jump to navigation. The U. Department of Energy has just updated and expanded its definition of what constitutes an everyday light bulb in our homes and businesses, paving the way for the Trump administration to implement the second phase of a bipartisan law signed by President George W. Bush to cut the energy waste of bulbs. Energy efficiency standards were sorely needed because the incandescent light bulb had not been significantly updated since the days of Thomas Edison, more than years earlier.

Once the year transition to more efficient light bulbs is completed, U. The savings are so large because the average U. First, some history: Back in , President Bush signed a law passed by a bipartisan Congress to phase out inefficient incandescent light bulbs. The first phase, which occurred between and , went smoothly and the old incandescents were replaced on store shelves by halogen incandescent bulbs that used about 28 percent less energy. Lumens refers to the amount of light a bulb produces and watts the amount of power it draws.

In fact, the typical LED replacing the old watt incandescent only uses 10 watts to produce the same amount of light and has an efficiency level of around 80 LPW. The new definition culminates a nearly year-long process led by the DOE that provided multiple opportunities for input from manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders. Now that the new definition has been updated it will be up to the Trump administration and new secretary of the U.

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Sleek surfaces. Elegant styles. Let our glass fittings shine throughout your home. Simple design.

Wattage, Minimum Rated Lifetime, Effective Date, California Effective Date The majority of these sockets contain incandescent lamps that have not changed.

Search for the part s number you wish to receive samples. Or, visit the sample center page. For back-up, tail, stop, turn signal and cornering. Ground wire. Sockets accept incandescent or LED bulbs with corresponding bases. Specifications Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below. Littelfuse, Inc. We use cookies to collect information about how you interact with our website and to remember you.

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