Kurdish culture

Kurdish culture

The Kurds, a group of approximately 18 million people, are the fourth largest ethnic group in the Middle East. Nowhere is their future more threatened than in Turkey where Kurds are one quarter of the population. Since World War I, Kurds in Turkey have been the victims of persistent assaults on their ethnic, cultural, religious identity and economic and political status by successive Turkish governments. And while the Treaty of Sevres provided for an independent Kurdistan, it was never ratified. In the treaty of Lausanne created the modern states of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, but Kurdistan was ignored. During Turkey’s war for independence, Turkish leaders, promised Kurds a Turkish-Kurdish federated state in return for their assistance in the war. After independence was achieved, however, they ignored the bargain they had made. Months after the declaration of a Turkish republic, Ankara, under the pretext of creating an “indivisible nation,” adopted an ideology aimed at eliminating, both physically and culturally, non-Turkish elements within the Republic. These “elements” were primarily Kurdish and Armenian. A mandate forbade Kurdish schools, organizations and publications.

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Kurd , member of an ethnic and linguistic group living in the Taurus Mountains of southeastern Anatolia , the Zagros Mountains of western Iran , portions of northern Iraq , northeastern Syria , and western Armenia , and other adjacent areas. The Kurds are thought to number from 25 million to 30 million, including communities in Armenia, Georgia , Kazakhstan , Lebanon , Syria, and Europe, but sources for this information differ widely because of differing criteria of ethnicity , religion, and language; statistics may also be manipulated for political purposes.

The traditional Kurdish way of life was nomadic , revolving around sheep and goat herding throughout the Mesopotamian plains and the highlands of Turkey and Iran.

While I was living in Iraqi Kurdistan, I discovered a world that was entirely new to me, and I explored various facets Kurdish culture. Here’s what.

Kurdish culture is a group of distinctive cultural traits practiced by Kurdish people. The Kurdish culture is a legacy from ancient peoples who shaped modern Kurds and their society. In addition to these areas, the Kurds are present in a few numbers in south-western Armenia and some areas of Azerbaijan and Lebanon. Kurds are one of the largest ethnic groups that do not have an independent state or a unified political entity recognized universally.

There is a lot of controversy about the Kurdish people from their origins, their history, and even their political future. This historical controversy has intensified in recent years, especially after the changes in the reality of the Kurds in Iraq following the Second Gulf War, and the formation of the United States of the no-fly zone that led to the emergence of the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq. The Kurds have a rich folkloric tradition which is increasingly endangered as a result of modernization, urbanization, and cultural repression.

Zembilfrosh Kurdish for “basketseller” is a folktale popular in Turkish Kurdistan and Iraqi Kurdistan. Zembilfrosh was the son of a powerful Kurdish ruler who left his home and life behind to seek a spiritual life as a dervish. He wanders the countryside with his faithful wife, surviving by making and selling baskets. One day they arrive in the capital of a Kurdish emirate, where the prince’s wife sees Zembilfrosh and falls in love with him.

She summons him to the castle, where she declares her love for him and tries to seduces him. Zembilfrosh declines, but she presses, promising him many riches.

Kurdish Families

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Here you will find information about Iraqi culture, cuisine, music, sports, art and Iraq is a Muslim nation with Arabic and Kurdish as its official languages. than 1, pieces of artwork dating from 5, B.C. and houses many artifacts and.

Subscribe in a reader. Do we mean the last five, eight or ten years? I can realize that Kurdish society has witnessed many changes. The change is so vast and includes dozens of giant companies from all the continents operating in various sectors in Kurdistan, such as education, health, transpiration, nutrition, agriculture, construction, and above them all oil and gas.

Out of five giant oil firms three of them are in Kurdistan. There is over 20 billion dollars Turkish investment and over 10 billion dollars of Iranian investment in the country, making it the most dynamic business hub ever for the neighboring countries. There are now 34, Westerners working in Kurdistan alone as well as numerous of Turkish, Iranian, Arab workers.

Kurdish Heritage Reclaimed

Iraqi Kurdistan is a special hotspot for bio-cultural diversity and for investigating patterns of traditional wild food plant foraging, considering that this area was the home of the first Neolithic communities and has been, over millennia, a crossroad of different civilizations and cultures. The aim of this ethnobotanical field study was to cross-culturally compare the wild food plants traditionally gathered by Kurdish Muslims and those gathered by the ancient Kurdish Kakai Yarsan religious group and to possibly better understand the human ecology behind these practices.

Twelve villages were visited and study participants 55 Kakai and 68 Muslim Kurds were interviewed on the specific topic of the wild food plants they currently gather and consume. The culinary use of 54 folk wild plant taxa corresponding to 65 botanical taxa and two folk wild mushroom taxa were documented. While Kakais and Muslims do share a majority of the quoted food plants and also their uses, among the plant ingredients exclusively and commonly quoted by Muslims non-weedy plants are slightly preponderant.

Moreover, more than half of the overall recorded wild food plants are used raw as snacks, i.

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Kurds as Peacemakers in the Middle East

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The Kurds usually practice monogamy but men who have, or claim to have, a high Kidnapping and elopement are not unknown in Kurdish culture, especially if.

Kurdish marriage arrangements are very complex and defined by tribal traditions. Almost all Kirmanji-, Sorani-, Zaza-, and Gorani-speaking Kurds are historically tribal people, and tribal traditions continue to affect the daily experiences of tribal, as well as nontribal Kurds, who live in both rural and urban areas. The term mal also means a lineage in Kurdish. A lineage is a group of people who descend from a common ancestor. According to tribal ideology, brothers, father, and sons are joined in a single group, creating a division within the tribe against the father’s brother and his sons.

They all unite against far removed patriarchal cousins. Although a tribe is segmented genealogically, all of the units described above are united as patrilineal kin against another tribe at times of conflict, such as blood feuds. Tribal membership exists both in terms of putative patrilineal kin groups groups that trace their genealogy to a common ancestor of the main branch of the tribe and fictive patrilineal kinship groups groups created in circumstances when an individual was adopted as a tribal member; lineages are traced from this adopted individual.

However, tribal kinship is described bilaterally traced through both male and Kurdish households may have both a male and female head, with separate family obligations. Kurdish traditions are being modified by outside forces, including global capitalism.

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International Legal Protections. The U. A similar concern for protecting minority-language speakers from discrimination on the basis of language is found in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which bars such discrimination with regard to all of the rights within its purvey, including the right to free expression. Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, whose mandate specifically includes the protection of linguistic minorities, has been even more active in support of language rights.

In a landmark study, the sub-commission praised the efforts of numerous states that had taken steps to facilitate the use of minority languages in a variety of contexts, including in communications with state authorities. No official data exist concerning the size of ethnic minorities in Turkey since the early s. The absence of such data on ethnicity stems from the fact that the state has not asked questions regarding ethnicity or religion during census polling.

Soon after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, its government embarked upon a radical program of nation-building. Ethnic diversity was perceived as a danger to the integrity of the state, and the Kurds, as the largest non-Turkish ethnic group, obviously constituted the most serious threat. They were decreed to be Turks, and their language and culture were to be Turkish. All external symbols of their ethnic identity were suppressed There was no official discrimination against those Kurds who agreed to be assimilated: they could reach the highest positions in the state apparatus.

Those who refused, however, often met with severe repression.

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